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Defense Verdict in High Profile Case

May 15, 2015

A jury returned a defense verdict in a case where the plaintiff alleged the defendant negligently rendered assistance. The defense was represented by Murchison & Cumming attorneys Russell S. Wollman and Nanette G. Reed.

This case arises from an accident that occurred in 2012. The incident occurred at a condominium complex which is sometimes referred to as the "High Rise to the Stars" as many celebrities currently live there and there have been many celebrities who have resided at in the past. One of the plaintiffs resided at the condominiums and her daughter, the additional plaintiff, was her guest. In 2012 the daughter allegedly fainted and hit her head after working out.

A relative spoke to the daughter via telephone while she was in the locker room. The relative was concerned and summoned a security guard who came and checked on her condition. He offered to call 911 on two occasions. She refused and told him she wanted to go to her mother’s unit. When she started to go to her mother’s unit the security guard decided to escort her to the unit. When they arrived at the unit the guard turned his back to her and she fell for some unknown reason. She suffered facial fractures which required surgery and alleged chronic pain as a result of this incident.

The daughter brought a lawsuit for her personal injuries and economic damages and the mother brought a lawsuit for payment of a portion of her daughter’s medical bills. Plaintiff alleged the condominium’s security guard negligently rendered care which caused the injury. The condominium alleged that the security guard acted reasonably and within the standard of care for a security guard.

Plaintiff’s last demand before trial was $2,000,000. Defense’s last offer was $100,000 (by way of 998).

The jury returned an 11-1 verdict in favor of the Homeowner's Association in less than 25 minutes.